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Refuge Island
Refuge Island


Refuge Island s a 20 minute dance performance that explores stories of female migration and the human capacity to offer a place of refuge in times of crisis. As a lone woman appears on a surreal pedestrian refuge island we begin to hear just why she braved the elements to leave her home and settle here in a new place of refuge. REFUGE ISLAND is a captivating emotive dance performance not to be missed. Choreographed by Lisa Simpson, Film design by Parang Khezr with an unforgettable performance by Shahada Nantaba. Sekajja.
REFUGE ISLAND was commissioned by ArtReach with funding from Arts Council England. The show is available for bookings from June 2024.  


"Both choreography and performance are compelling and sophisticated. I loved the rhythmic choices to the spoken word and Shahada is a truly captivating dancer, delicately poised between raw emotion and slick technique.  Refuge Island is a must see" Louise Katerega: People Dancing    


"Refuge Island has a powerful and emotional effect. I was impressed by how fully engaged the audience was, and how passers-by stopped to watch. Many people lined up at the end to speak to the performer, to ask more about the piece and its origins, which was great to see." Art Reach

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