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Distant Drums is an exhilarating performance not to be missed 


"A real crowd pleaser for the bass chasers, dance fans and history buffs!”  Trinity Arts, Bristol


"Distant Drums is excellent. It makes a real statement, telling an important story"  The Lowry, Manchester


Distant Drums went on the road in 2021 and 2022 touring to 24 festivals all over England reaching over 35,000 people.

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Sound System was born in the 
ghettos of Jamaica, shipped to 
the UK aboard the Windrush
 and now transmitted across the
 globe. It is the beating heart of
 DIY bass-heavy Caribbean-
rooted music. It is Ska and it is
 Reggae for sure, but it is also
 Grime, Rave, Jungle, Dubstep,
 Hip Hop and more. It is about 
throwing your own party your
 own way with a wall of hand-
broadcasting the kind of news that the mainstream media shy away from, and it is something so many paid the ultimate price for, as the enslaved black population of the West Indies sought to band together in the toughest of times.

Distant Drums has also toured as a digital heritage installation

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